Mini DayZ Mobile Game!


Mini Dayz

Is about to be almost a month since the soft launch of Mini Dayz to the iOS in selected countries and so far there is no information on whether it will make it anytime soon to other countries. If you are not familiar with Mini Dayz, this is a pixelated 2D version of the Dayz video game. The Mini Dayz was first released as an in browser game and just recently around December 21st 2016 the game was finally soft launched on iOS. As mentioned earlier the game was only soft launched in certain counties, those are Canada, Philippines and Netherland, lets hope they move to other countries very soon.

The game play is similar to the actual PC game with just very few differences, one of the big differences of course is the 2D pixelated form which is obvious. Just like the PC you have to survive but is a bit harder due to day cycles being shorter than normal, and weather affected your health much more. The game still fun to play and to make things better the game is free, no need to buy the PC version and from what I have read no ads either. If you live in one of those countries go and get it, just remember is only for iOS and no word on if or when it would be available for Android.


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