Nintendo New York Event

For all the Nintendo fans including myself, Nintendo will have the 1st Nintendo Switch event of the year on January 12th 2017. The event will be streamed for all of us to see, during this presentation they will reveal the final price and final release date, since it was finally announced it was just said March 2017, But I think it will be between March 24th to the 31st. That is a weird date to release it, since the 1st quarter ends in March, but who knows maybe they have a strategy, anyways back to the important subject.

While the debut will be held in Tokyo, Japan, in New York the day after which is January 13th 2017 will have a 5-hour hands-on event. Not sure if the event will be open to the public by buying tickets or if it will be a closed event just for the press, but I know this place will be packed. Assuming the event, I’m sure they few games that people will be able to play will be Legend of Zelda, a Mario game and possibly a Splatoon for the Switch. I hope during this even they release more information on future games or the games that will be available at launch. For now, that is all that has been announced, no specific location for the New York event, so let’s stay tuned for new information to come out before the end of the year.



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