The Division 1.5 “Survival” best DLC yet to come!

After The Division 1.4 we knew there was going to be a last DLC “Survival” coming soon, we knew nothing about it, just that it was as mentioned the last expansion for the game. Well in the past couple of days’ lots of information has been revealed and a PTS has been released for those playing the game on PC. I wish this was released for all consoles but well, at least we can get a glance on what’s to come for the game. After watching few videos on YouTube and reading some articles I can say this DLC will be the best one, at least in my opinion.

The new Survival DLC will be based in surviving, duh! well is not that easy, the game takes mechanics already used in other games like Minecraft, Dayz, and other survival games. The main character will have hunger, thirst and will be exposed to the harsh winter weather. This DLC is a totally different experience from the base game. You will start off as your character, a short story shows your character getting in a helicopter and in mid-flight gets hit by a billboard due to a bad snow storm. The helicopter crash and you are left to survive.

You will need to make your way to the Dark Zone and extract, but is not that easy. When you wake up from the crash you only have the bare minimum gear, green colored items. On your way to the DZ you will find loot, kill NPC that will get harder the closer you get to the DZ. The harsh snow storm will freeze you to death if you don’t have the appropriate clothing. With the loot you will be able to craft new gear from different colors, and craft skills like pulse and others. Be wise on what you craft because you are not alone, there are 24 players in total including you trying to make it to the DZ. In the road to DZ you will not only find NPC and other players, the game is fair and lets you warm up if you don’t have good clothing, either by entering a safe zone, or finding a barrel with fire in it, if you find an empty barrel you can always light one on.

If you are lucky enough and you were wise enough to save resources you will be a lucky one to make it to the DZ, just don’t forget, the DZ is contaminated and you will need the right mask filter to get in. Any gear or weapon you craft will have random DPS and score, you may get the best or the worst weapon, that is what makes it so cool, everyone is at the mercy of the RGN. Once in the game hunger will help you recover health faster, so save your food, medic kits are rare so use them wise, and water will allow you to see further in your surroundings, for example if there is a safe house at 100 ft you cannot see its silhouette unless you drink enough water. The game will have PVE and PVP, on PVE is the same number of people 24 trying to survive but you cannot kill any other player. In PVP well is obvious, you get to fight other people and after killing them you can steal their loot.

I think this new update will be the best one for this game, you will have 3 modes to play, actually 4, normal Division Game Campaign mode, Dark Zone PVP, The Underground and the coming one Survival, there is something for everyone on this game. If you have not played this game now is the time to do it, you will not regret it, let’s just hope now that the 1.5 comes out soon and is not full of glitches.Check this You Tuber Like BuTTer video for more some PTS game play.


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