Dragon Ball Super Eps. 61-63: The Fusion


Last episode ended with Black Goku revealing to Goku his true identity. Before fighting Goku tells Black and Zamasu that he knows how Black was created and Zamasu real power, but right before they start fighting, Black tells Goku how he happened to be who he is now. Zamasu tells them he is half right, he did use the Super Dragon Balls but he used them not to make a clone of Goku but to wish himself immortal. Once the wish was granted he traveled to the future and talked to his future self, explained his plan and he agreed to help him. Black then tells Goku his part, he is Zaamsu from the future, once approached by Immortal Zamasu they travel in time to re-use the Super Dragon Ball and wish for his body to be switched with Goku’s body.

Black then explained that after the switch he appeared to them and killed Goku, Goten and Chichi. Goku became angry to hear this and fought Black but ended up losing one more time. Trunks and Vegeta then join the fight but as it happened before, once again they are overpowered. Zamasu then confronts Trunks and tells him that he is who he is because of Trunks, all the time travel he did back in the android time caused a shift in balance in time that angered him. Zamasu accuses Trunks that all this earth destruction is because of his decision to time travel. He blames Trunks for all the destruction, this enrages Trunks and turns into Super Saiyan with blue energy even though he still Super Saiyan 2. Trunks starts fighting Black to the point of almost beating him but of course he lost. While fighting Trunks tells Vegeta to leave to the past and come up with a plan, Vegeta sees no other solution, he takes Goku and Vegeta and leave.

Back on earth Vegeta is mad that he left Trunks behind, Beerus shows no emotions just saying his plan didn’t go as he thought. Goku is sent to recover, while Beerus travels to Kaio-shin to find out what he can do to help without accepting it was his fault. Goku takes his return to earth to learn the Evil Containment  technique which is told by Piccolo to be the last resort to seal them away since Zamasu is immortal, Vegeta in the other hand will use the last day to train in the Time Capsule. After a full day Vegeta and Goku are ready to finish off Zamasu and Black, Goku learned the Evil Containment technique and Vegeta grew stronger.

When they arrive to the future they find Trunks almost dead in an attempt to kill Zamasu, he was able to stop Black for a while but when he was about to explode Zamasu’s body

Black came back and attacked Trunks. As Goku and Vegeta show up Black is quick to try and destroy the time machine, when the fight is about to start Kaio-Shin from Earth and Universe 10 show up, Gowasu tries to talk sense to his Zamasu now in Goku’s body but they both try to kill the Kaio-Shin and tell them they killed Gods because they know they wouldn’t understand his zero human plan. Goku and Vegeta tell the Kaio-Shin to leave but they decide to stay, Goku starts fighting Zamasu while Vegeta goes after Black.


This is where the fight starts to get better, after 1 full day of training Vegeta has grown stronger than ever and takes Black easily. Vegeta explains to Black that the reason why Vegeta is stronger is because he is a real Saiyan not impostor in a Saiyan body. Vegeta ends up almost beating Black. A small preview of next episode is shown in the video below, looks like is time to bring the fusion!


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