Black Goku’s real Identity! Eps 57-60



Last episode ended on Zamasu appearing right before Black killed Goku. Goku wants to fight Zamasu thinking is the same Zamasu from his time and he will win not knowing is not. They both start fighting but in the middle of the fight Black joins and now is a 2 on 1 fight. Trunks gets in between them and helps Goku by attacking Black, but as a surprise Black overpowers them using the Kamehameha. With no other option and overpowered right as Black and Zamasu are about to kill them 3 of them, Yajirobe rescues Goku and Trunks, leaving Vegeta behind but Mai and the resistance army save him. The 3 of them escape to the past to think on a way to defeat them all and find out who this Black Goku is.

Back in their timeline, the 3 go into recovery after their injuries, Beerus and Whis arrive and find out what happened to them in the future, with Beerus still not liking time travel because it affects the whole timeline. Goku, Beerus and Whis decide to go and investigate what is of their current Zamasu, they all travel to the Kaio planet and talk to Gowasu. Whie believes Zamasu became angry after losing to Goku and used the Super Dragon Ball to wish a Goku clone. At the same time Zamasu went to visit the know-it-all and ask about the Super Dragon Ball in order to achieve his goal. When talking to Gowasu, they ask where Zamasu is not knowing his plan is starting to head his way. Gowasu tells them he started to hate the human race but eventually came to reason, not knowing that he was building his hate using excuses to kill the human race. While they are talking Zamasu appears not knowing what is going on.


Zamasu wonder what they are doing there thinking he has been discovered, but they use the excuse to bring food to him, as the food is given they leave. Goku is upset wondering

why they didn’t kill Zamasu so he is told up until know they don’t know if this Zamasu is bad, so they spy on them while Zaamsu serves the tea to Gowasu. While spying on them we see Zamasu true evil side, when Gowasu is drinking the tea from behind Zamasu kills him. After seeing this Whis using his power, they have the evidence they needed and head back in time just in time to stop Zamasu from killing Gowasu and becoming a Kaio-Shin. Gowasu is explained what happened, Zaamsu’s plan is out in the open, with this Zamasu get angry and tries to kill Goku but he is stopped by Beerus, and killed.

After defeating Zamasu from current timeline Beerus tells them there is no point on them going and fighting the future because once a God kills another God the timelines corrects itself, not knowing Zamasu was not a Kaio-Shin just yet. The 3 saiyans don’t want to

believe, they think is too good to be true so they embark on their travel to the future taking with them Bulma so she can operate the machine coming back. As they arrive to the future a sad future awaits them, nothing has changed Black and Zamasu still there, earth still destroyed and humans still in danger. Black and Zamasu feel Goku and the rest so they go and meet them. Once in front of each other Black reveals his true identity to them.


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