My Thoughts so far for The Division 1.4 Update


Tuesday was finally the release of 1.4 for The Division, an updated that we had been waiting for so long hoping this would fix a so broken game and well I can say the update fix some but not all the issues. Some of the main issues were the overpowered NPC in the DZ, some using shotguns shooting you from long distances having perfect accuracy and at times deadly accuracy, which for shotguns at long distance is not believable. Other issue was the time to kill, I experienced in my team of 4 people all of us at least loaded a full clip on purple or gold NPC, that was a lot of bullets wasted. Now the time to kill is reasonable, I don’t expect them to die with one shot it would be way too easy.

As noted before they added the new seal cache for those that still want to keep playing the solo campaign mode, that is really cool. Besides that, now enemies outside the DZ will drop reasonable loot related to your level, not anymore those lame and low level item scores. You can set up which world tier you want to play, depending on the tier the loot may vary on levels as well. One thing I didn’t like was the re-roll of gear attributes and scores, the build I had was perfect and now is lame, just one good side was that some of my lame gear items with the re-roll became awesome.

I have just played for the last 2 days and I have gotten a lot more loot than I have ever gotten before. The drop on loot is consistent and great, considering my being a rank 39 in the DZ. Team work is great now, NPC as mentioned are hard to kill but they don’t feel impossible to kill as before. NPC is a lot smarter which makes it like you are fighting a real person not an NPC. Few issues I have noticed are very small but annoying, like weapons having glitch names, my cousin had several guns named “mask” as if it was an actual mask gear. Other issue is lag, maybe because lots of players are on now but lag is bad. And the last thing we have noticed is that once inside a safe zone inside the DZ or randomly running through the DZ we see our character glow as if we had just level up, and it keep happening for some time making it annoying. I’m sure this is not the last update coming, or perhaps this may be the last update but several patches to come. What is your experience with The Division now that 1.4 is out? Do you like it or is it worse than before?


2 thoughts on “My Thoughts so far for The Division 1.4 Update

  1. I really need to go back and give The Division another try. I bought it when it first came out, but never really got into it. I put maybe two or three hours into it and it kind of got lost in my backlog of games. I remember having fun, especially when playing with friends, the problem now is most of those friends have either fallen off entirely like me or have gotten to the end game and are somewhat incompatible to play with at this point. Besides all that, I’m just not sure I have the time to invest into it anymore.


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