Dragon Ball Super Eps. 53-56


As Beerus and Whis go to investigate the ki from that Black Goku, Bulma and the Pilaf gang stay behind trying to repair the broken down time machine.Trunks has already visit older friends and noticed how much different their life is, no chaos and no deaths as on his future. Trunks is surprised how Android 18 is a good person on this life and how Gohan has dedicated his life to his family and job while in his timeline he died fighting to protect the humans from the androids.

Goku, Beerus and Whis trabel to the Universe 10 Kaio, to meet the soon to be Kaio-Shin names Zamasu, his master tells them he is a kind hearth person that is the reason he was chosen to be a Kaio-Shin. While in there Goku wants to fight Zamasu, but Zamasu has already shown he hates human race due to their fighting nature. Gowasu, agrees to let Zamasu and Goku fight, that fight did not last long having Goku overpower Zamasu, this ignited even brighter the hate for humans inside him. Back on earth Bulma is almost done with the time machine, Vegata and Trunks test their skills and finds out that Trunks is not powerful enough.

While they go visit the God of All as per his request, Zamasu is taken to a planet that shows human race fighting like barbarians, that make him angry, to show Zamasu that they can co-exist and grow to be better, they travel to the future to show him they can change, but in the future they are as bad as they were in the past. With them seeing them fight Gowasu is about to get hit by one of them and Zamasu kills the enemy, this is where Zamasu knows about the time travel ring and a plan to kill all humans.

Back in earth Goku came back from seeing the God of All, and the time machine is ready.

Trunks, Goku and Vegeta will travel to end Black Goku. When they arrive Goku is attacked confusing him with Black Goku, Trunks explained them who he is and go into the underground to meet up with Mai who he thought Black had killed when he left to past earth. Goku, Vegeta and Trunks leave and appear in front of black, Vegeta starts fighting him but is overpowered soon and gets critically wounded. Goku takes over but is no match, he starts off winning, turns into Super Saiyan God or Super Saiyan Blue but still not match, Goku and Vegeta get knocked out. When Black is about to kill Goku Zamasu appears on top of him and tell him that killing Goku is his job.


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