Final Pokemon Sun/Moon Starter Evolution Forms


A new Pokémon video has been released and I think this may be the last one since the game comes out in less than a month, but who knows we may have more surprised come out soon. As I mentioned in my previous blog, the data mining they did was correct, at least for one Pokémon, actually 2, Dugtrio and Persian. If you have played the Demo there is one part where you talk to a lady and she lets you use your Rotom-Dex to take a picture of a Pokémon, which ends up being the back of the Alola Dugtrio version, which is the same normal one but with golden hair.

So this new video shows the last evolutions from the starter Pokémon, after watching this I have now decided to choose the fire type. The grass Pokémon Decidueye will be Grass/Ghost Pokémon with his signature move Spirit Shackle which prevents the opponent from switching out, not that good at least not to me. Now the fire Pokémon Incineroar a Fire/Dark Pokémon has a cool special move Darkest Lariat which ignores the opponent stat changes, basically if the opponent has max the speed and our Incineroar has decreased speed it will not matter we will go first and attack. The last one the water type Primarina a Water/Fairy has a special move Sparkling Aria which heals burns of any target it strikes, if this move is like surf or waterfall it will hit everyone on the field including the opponent Pokemon, but besides healing it, it will hurt it as well.

From the first videos we knew of one Guardian Pokémon, now we meet the next 3, each one guarding their own island. The first one Tapu Lele Psychic/Fairy, the next one Tapu Bulu Grass/Fairy and lastly Tapu Fini Water/Fairy. They all share one Z move, Guardian of Alola, which turns into a Giant body of energy I assume smashing their opponents. There is also new Pokémon to be shown, Cosmog a Psychic Pokémon that looks like a cosmic cloud, the new Persian Alola form Dark type. And a lot more to see, just no new info on the UB, that may be the last video the publish or they will want us to wait until the game is out. For now watch the video below and wait for the end of the video for a cool surprise that I’m sure you will enjoy!


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