The Walking Dead Season 7 Ep.1

Finally, The Walking Dead came on and well it wasn’t disappointing. So before you continue reading, if you have not seen the show then stop reading because I will talk about the episode and it will contain spoilers. After many months waiting for the show it finally resumed and well this first episode was as excited as season 7 finale.

Episode started off with Rick’s team held down by Negan’s men, they were not ready for confrontation so they got outnumbered and outgunned. We wanted to know who was going to die and well they finally showed it. He started bashing Abraham’s head and moved on to Glenn’s head. Yes two of the man characters died, if you follow the comic by now Abraham is gone and well Glenn was the only other person that needed to die in order for the show to take a drastic change. It was pretty gross and well cool at the same time how they showed them getting beat up.

Negan then takes Rick to take a small trip, the whole reason for this was to show Rick that Negan is now the person in charge and that he needs to listen to Negan from now on. While in the RV Negan threw his axe out and made Rick go get it. When outside Rick fought some walkers and ended up on the RV’s roof remembering what happened to Glenn and Abraham, this is how we found it what really happened. He was warned that if he didn’t listen then the same thing would happen to everyone in the group.

When Negan and Rick came back to the “camp”, he tells them that he will be in charge and that they all belong to him. He can see Rick is not caring and tries to make him cut Carl’s hand, when he is told that if he doesn’t cut it, then he will kill everyone, so he starts to do it but gets stopped by Negan and tells him, that’s what I wanted to see from you now you get it. While all that happened Daryl got up at one point and punched Negan, so he took him with them, it looks like he will try to make him part of his team.

Once Negan lefts they all get up and try to leave, Maggie goes to Glenn’s body and tells Rick to prepare because they are going to fight and kill Negan. Carl comforts Maggie, and they all get their friend’s body and leave. This is what we all were waiting for, many of you already knew or had a feeling that Glenn was going to die and well he did. I think is one of the worst deaths in the show so far, besides Hershel. Season 8 started off really good, I just have a feeling mid-season 8 will end when Rick and his team start to fight Negan. So what did you think of the episode?


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