The Flash: Flashpoint S3E1

I forgot that The Flash Season 3 had already started, so now I’m a bit behind on this so I will try to catch up, good thing is that there is only 3 episodes so far. Last season ended with Flash beating Zoom sacrificing himself from a different time, Zoom wasn’t expecting that and well it was a win for him, but it all turned out bad once zoom killed Barry’s dad. So Barry went to the past and saved him mom from Reverse Flash thinking that this would bring his life back and be happy for good. Well as we know all decisions that he makes are never what he expects because he acts without thinking, and as any other decision that he makes this one was not an exception.

Barry saved his mom creating a new alternate timeline, on where he has both his parents, he has his super-powers and now there is a new Flash. The bad thing is that all his friends and people that he knows, don’t know him because in this time he never suffered the accident, there is no Star Labs, everyone has a different life. He is happy to know that he no longer has to suffer and risk his family’s life to be a superhero, but what he didn’t know is that by saving his mom and keeping Reverse Flash trapped it was going to cause a timeline and like always ruining everything.

In this timeline Iris never met Barry only during elementary, Wally is the Flash and his parents are alive. He confronted reverse Flash and told him he is happy and that he will never ruin his life, but he is told by Reverse Flash that he is messing with time and eventually he will start overwriting the time he knows with the new one and will forget everything, even his powers. And he sure was right, Barry starts suffering memory loss which he starts forgetting friends. But he teams up with Wally, and gets his world’s team together, but on this timeline no one knows each other. Eventually Barry tells them his problem, and they all work together to help him while he also helps Wally.

In the end Barry with almost losing all his memory goes back to Reverse Flash and asks for his help, not without Reverse Flash telling Barry to ask for his mom to be killed. They both travel to the past but one mistake Barry made was showing Reverse Flash that he had feelings for Iris. They travel to the time where Barry saved his mom, then Reverse Flash shows up and kills his mom, Barry vanishes due to that timeline getting deleted. Reverse Flash takes Barry to his time, and tells him things are not what he expects, when he walks in, he hugs Wally and Detective West and ask for Iris, Detective West seems bothered by it and leaves. Wally tells Barry he needs to stop that, that he knows what happened to Iris. That’s where the episode ends, so once again, for acting without thinking he may have caused Iris death, we won’t know until the next episodes.


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