Pokemon Sun/Moon Special Demo Thoughts


So the new Pokémon Sun/Moon Special Demo has been out for almost a week now and well here are my thoughts. I know is just a demo and I shouldn’t expect much from it, I have read many articles online about how much data-mining they have done and how many new Pokémon they have found by doing so, but a demo should be a bit more, special that this one. I have played other game demos longer than this one and well this one leaves a lot to wish for.

The demo could be beat in a few minutes if you run straight through, it was said each day there will be a new activity and it is, but still each activity is pretty small in size. The first “mission” is to head to a trial and take pictures of a Pokémon and battle it, then there is a 4th Pokémon that you have to battle and you use your Greninja that after beating one Pokémon it bonds with you and turns into Ash-Greninja. The second time I booted the game there was a new mission, I received a gift from professor which is a mount to ride Tauros for passing the first trial, and then the second trial starts. The second mission or trial is to head over and “learn” how to catch Pokémon, I thought I was going to get to keep them and transfer them to my full game but the Pokémon you catch get sent to the wild after you decide to leave that small area.

Right now I am waiting on a new day to have a new adventure, the game does mention to come on day 17, not sure what that means, since there is no calendar to follow in the game and if I need to wait until November 17 to play it would be pointless because the full game comes out the day after that. The graphics look ok, there is not much to expect from it since is a Gameboy game, but having a grown character makes me feel weird, I’m used to seeing the kid character playing, this time the character looks about maybe 12-15, knowing that all Pokémon trainers leave at age 10. Anyways, don’t just stop playing because I don’t like it much, I know many won’t care what I say, and is ok, this is just my opinion. So go ahead and try it yourself and see if you like it.


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