Pokemon Go Halloween Event!

Pokémon Go has been out now for almost 4 months, November 6th will mark the 4th month and since launch the game has been a great and horrible game. Started off promising to get better, but as new updates came out, the game just started to get worse and worse. The main thing that users hated was losing the tracking option, their new update and their new way to track it was just horrible. Even so many Pokémon fan stay with it and have supported it since day one hoping for this game to be better.

Recently we have read about the first “Pokémon Event”, this event will consist of a Halloween theme event. It has been said that starting October 26th, so in 2 days from today, the game will allow you to encounter more “spooky” Pokémon from ghost to other types. These Pokémon like Gengar, Gastly, Drowzee, Zubat and others will appear more often. Not only that but also when capturing more of the same spooky Pokémon, once you send them to the professor you will get double the candy from those to transfer. But that is not all, including in this new event, you will get special rewards for you buddy if you have one set up.

This seems to be a cool event, especially since I love ghost Pokémon, so let’s go ahead and get the game loaded again for all those that perhaps already deleted it. So from here on what is to be expected from Niantic and Pokémon? Possibly event during Thanksgiving and Christmas? What could be the Pokémon to capture on those days? With the lack of many “xmas” Pokémon it will be hard to do something on those days, there aren’t many ice Pokémon in the 1st generation. Let see what Niantics can do to get gamers back into Pokémon Go, for now as mentioned let’s get ready for a cool Halloween event.



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