Dragon Ball Super Review Eps.46-52

Two months ago I stated I would keep up with Dragon Ball Super, but due to many anime to watch, and other TV shows that I need to keep up with, it has been too hard to keep up the DBS blog. I will try to talk on this blog about what has happened up until now, it may be a lot to write but I will try to keep it short and to the point. Last blog ended on the episode where Vegeta and Goku were about to fight once again so let’s get started.

By accident Goten and Trunks traveled to a planet where their civilization had a sort of goo that takes over people and makes them evil, similar to the DB GT Baby. Well this good got a hold of Vegeta turning him bad, it was actually a copy of him made of goo. This made Goku and vegata fight each other, eventually Goku beats Vegeta’s clone saving another planet, this episode was split in two so far we are in episode 46.

Now from here on is where the shows turn super cool. After defeating Vegeta’s Clone we see the episode teasing us the Future Trunk, we see him fighting some sort of black smoke, he seems to be all out fighting but ends up getting defeated, leaving no other option for Future Trunks but to travel to the past and ask for help. Once Trunks arrives to present time, he stumbles into Goku, when he wakes up he tries to fight him. When fully

recovered Trunks ask Goku to fight him so he can test his powers, Goku agrees and they start fighting. Not knowing of Goku’s new power, Trunks fights him until Goku shows him the SSJ3 Transformation leaving Trunks surprised. Trunks explains to them why he came to the past, and how he had to escape upsetting Vegeta since no Saiyan ever escapes a battle, even though he escaped Goku’s fight the 1st time he came to earth. When they are done, the unexpected happens, the new rival Black Goku shows up from the future, Goku fights him getting almost over powered. The fight does not last long since the time warp takes Black Goku back to his time, but before that happens he sees the time machine and destroys it to prevent anyone to travel to the future and fight him.

While this whole fight is happening Beerus and Whis show up and noticed the fight, Black Goku sees Beerus and wonders what he is doing there. Beerus never stops the fight nor does he attempt to fight but one thing that intrigued him was the ki that Black Goku had. Once Black Goku is taken away, Beerus and Whis, tells them that the ki is similar to one of a soon to be Kaiosama from Universe 10. Beerus and Whis decide to go and investigate on their own, while Bulma tells them she can help Trunks travel back to his time using the 1st time machine that her and Gohan found on which the 1st cell traveled to the past.


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