The Division 1.4 Update Coming Next Week!

Finally, the new update 1.4 for The Division has been announced, the date is October 25th! We have been waiting for this update for a while, the game will finally be fixed and hopefully make it worth playing it again. I few of the changes that already been announced are the solo player enhancement, which will be that once reaching level 30 we can still get XP to get proficiency packs, every time you the XP bar fills up you will get a cache box containing loot. There will be no more Heroic mode, only tiers ranging from Tier 1 to Tier 4, each one giving you a set score of gear from 163 to 229. The ammo has been increased 50% upon reaching level 30, NPC’s take less time to kill, but are smarter than previous versions, one thing I like is that NPC using shotgun will not be so accurate from farther distance because heck they seem to be more deadly and super accurate than snipers. There is so much that will be changed on the game, if you want to go over it all check this link.



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