Nintendo NX now Nintendo: Switch!

Today has been a great day for good news, first new game updates, new game teasers and the best of all at least in my opinion, Nintendo finally announced the new Nintendo Switch! There is a video out from Nintendo almost 4 minutes long where it shows us what the so rumored NX will be about, first of o more NX, the official name is Nintendo Switch, I think personally NX would’ve been better. The Switch it is a home/mobile console, the leaked images are similar to what the actual device will be, it will not expand side way as shown before but it will detach the side controllers to connect to a screen that can be taken any place. After watching the video, I was impressed, there still not specs on resolution for the mobile screen not battery life but I’m sure that will be announced later.

One of the things I did not like was the small controllers that detach from the screen, they seem to be the size of an NES controller if not a bit smaller. But that can be fixed by of course buying a normal size controller like the Wii U one. The video does show the usage of cartridges, but no size on the screen, it seems like it could be 6-7 inches perhaps. Let’s do less typing and more video, so go ahead and watch the video and let me know what you think. Nintendo Switch here I come, March 2017!



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