Pokemon Sun/Moon Special Demo is out and more leaked information!

Today Pokémon Sun/Moon release their special demo with Greninja as a token for those that play the demo, and it will turn into Ash-Greninja you will be able to move him to your Sun/Moon copy when released as long as you have completed the Sun/Moon Special Demo Version. Now that is not the good news, we all knew the demo would be out today, what’s really cool is what people have found within the game due to data mining.  They have found the final starter evolution for each Pokémon, they have also found most of the entire Pokedex along with new UB Pokémon. They show images of new Alola forms which includes Persian, Geodude, Graveler and Golem. Persian looks a bit light purple looking to what people describe as Garfield, and our rocky guys look still like rock but a bit different. There is so much info out there, please check here for the full story.

And get the demo by two ways, either by going to Nintendo website logging in with your Nintendo Network ID associated with your 3Ds, or the easiest way just go to your 3Ds or 2Ds console and head to the eShop and download from there.



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