New Red Dead Game?

Yesterday we saw some tweet that has taken us by surprise, and many gamers are so eager to find out if this game is really coming out or are we just getting teased? What I am talking about is the tweet by RockStar Games, a picture of a red background and their RockStar logo a bit worn out, which many people speculate that this could be the so awaited Red Dead Redemption Sequel. As you all know since April and mainly since last week, there have been rumors about this possible sequel, many of us are hoping it is, and we are more certain that it will be with the tweet by RockStar. If this games comes out we know that a map was leaked a while back showing how big the game could be, I really hope this is the game, I think is time for Red Dead to come to newer consoles. What do you guys think? Is this it or are they just making a re-master version of Red Dead Redemption?



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