New Sun/Moon Evolution!

Have you all seen the new Pokémon video? New evolutions from previous shown Pokémon and as they had already mentioned it before, Grimer and Muk get their Alola version. The first evolution shown and that I liked is Silvally, turning from a kind of wood looking Pokémon to a metal looking one, this one changes types depending what item is holding, from water, fire to grass. Jangmo evolves t a kind of Chinese dragon, by that I mean the ones we see in Chinatown in their New Year celebration. The others, well is better for you to watch the video, but I’m pleased, I know some first stage Pokémon can be a bit ugly but after the evolution they turn out to be ok I guess. Going back to Grimer and Muk, he was previously just poison, and now he is poison/dark, with either Poison Touch or Glutonny ability. He changes colors from purple green and yellow for Grimer and green, yellow, blue and pink for Muk, kind of like rainbow. I hope you like this information, can’t wait for the full Pokedex list and see if any cooler Pokémon get their Alola version, maybe Mew?


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