Battlefield 1 Integrated Creative Tools!

Have you gone to YouTube and seem those cool cinematic shots taken from within a video game and you wish you could do that? Well this feature has already been used for other games, one that at least I know and remember of is GTA V. When this was released for PC it was used to make some really cool video, you are the director and control the camera and other tools to make your “movie” the best. Well This feature is coming to console, PS4 and Xbox One for Battlefield 1, which is set to be release in just 10 days, well at least for some, if you pre-order and are a EA Access and Origin subscriber, you could start playing this game in just 3 days from now. Anyways, this tool will allow you to control the free-camera and record any game-play, it won’t be as good as PC tools but it is something that we can use. So let’s get ready for this game to come out and make our best shots ever!



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