Stranger Things

I have spent some weeks now trying to catch up watching new shows and it has not been enough. One day I think I am all caught up and then a new episode comes up, the show I want to talk about today is a Netflix Original show, Stranger Things that I think was really cool. The show is only 8 episodes but they have a second season coming up soon.

The show is based in the 80’s, and a group of kids that lost their friend to a monster. This monster was created by a failed experiment from the government that is now taking people to feed on. The monster was created by a little girl that had some kind of kinetic and mind powers which the government tried to use as an experiment to kill enemies and make her in some sort of X-Men. When their experiment failed the monster was released to the human world from a called upside down which is an earth from a different dimension.

This earth resembles a lot of Silent Hill, a dark world full with ashes and monsters. The little girls is the only person that can communicate with people that enter this world. The group of kids and eleven, or El for short, are working on getting their from off the upside down, but of course adults don’t believe them. Their friend’s mom is also looking for him and knows something is up when she starts experiencing abnormal things.

The show is pretty cool, it has a good plot and a cool twist. Since is based in the 80’s it brings a bit of nostalgia for old folks like me seeing old things like TV, phones and cars. It is worth watching it, is a mix of Silent Hill and IT, a group of kids in a different dimension world fighting a monster with a sling shot.As mentioned there is only 8 episodes but they are worth it, it just makes me wish season 2 was here now. I won’t spoil it more for those who haven’t seen it, so go and watch it!


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