New update for Resident Evil VII Demo!


So a new trailer came out showing a bit more of the REVII game and to be honest as of right now from what I have seen I am not liking where the game is going. The video shows small clips from Ethan I assumed, in the house from the 1st demo, he is captured and forced to eat I guess either human flesh. The whole “dinner” scene reminded me of older movies like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Wrong Turn, and The Hills Have Eyes, a distorted family with “crazy” ones forcing others to do what they want. If the game continues in this route I don’t think I will like it at all. At the end of the video we see a shot of a “girl” in shadows, many people have seen the “ghost” in the current demo, but we have been told by game developers that this game will not be about ghosts, so who is this little girl? Check the video and let me know what you think. Last night Tokyo Game Show started and they have a REVII booth, maybe more information will be out soon.

In another note, a new price has been given to the REVII Deluxe Edition, from $79.99 to $89.99, their argument is a new DLC making it a season pass with 3 major DLC for the game. Speaking of new DLC , the already out demo will be receiving a new update on Saturday September 17th according to GameSpot, the demo will now be named “Twilight” and it will let us play more of the mansion, so if you already deleted the demo, go and get it to have it ready to play Saturday.



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