New Ultra Beast and Pokemon Evolution!

New information has been released from CoroCoro Magazine showing us new Pokémon, actually new Ultra Beast Monsters. AS previously shown, we knew about UB-01, which is what it was named, now we know of 2 more Ultra Beasts, UB02 Beauty, and UB03 Expansion, respectively one looks like a white mantis I think, and the other one to me looks kind of like a mosquito, or a really bulked shrimp. Within those images we can see new evolutions from Rockruff, which as mentioned on previous post, he will be able to evolve to different forms according to the time of the evolution either day or night similar to Eevee. Everyday new information is out, I just hope the game is a good as previous ones, and why wouldn’t it be with these new Ultra Beast in the game, is making the time move slower. So what do you think about the UB and current forms out? Got any favorite one?



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