Apple iPhone 7 Event

So yesterday we had some really good news from Apple, the new iPhone 7 looks pretty cool, the new Watch Series 2 has some really nice improvements, I’m still not sure what to think of the Airpods, new Beats and one thing people were not expecting from the Apple event was an announcement from Nintendo. I really was expecting a new iPad Mini Pro or something else besides just the iPhone, but I think those will be announced in March 2017.

First the main device, iPhone 7, the look of the iPhone is pretty cool, nice new color, and like previous models there will be an iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, both with improved camera but the Plus will have 2 back cameras to allow you to take wide-angle telephotos with optical zoom up to 10x. A new addition to the iPhone was water splash resistant; I think this will help a lot of users from breaking their phone with them little water accidents. The main thing that people were happy about was of course better performance with the new A10 Fusion Chip which make the iPhone 7 2X faster than the iPhone 6 and has the longest battery live than any other iPhone. It also as a new home button that is customizable with better response, oh and stereo front speakers!

Then it come the Watch Series 2, the new model is now water resistance up to 50 meters, so you can swim with it and not worry about breaking it. The watch also features a new display, much brighter than the previous one. Something that was added that will help many people who like to jog is the built-in GPS, this will allow you to take it on the run without taking your iPhone with you. And of course we can’t miss this one, Nike has joined forces with Apple to make a Watch Nike + Series 2, is another Watch but with exclusive Nike sports bands, is basically the old TomTom Nike + GPS watch but in Apple shell, more powerful of course and better.

Next, there will be new PowerBeats 3 wireless, and Beats Solo 3 Wireless and a new product Beats X, this last product is more of an everyday use unlike Powerbeats which are made especially for workouts. Airpods, a new product from Apple which honestly I did not like too much, well kind of, but not really. The Airbuds are the new Apple Wireless Bluetooth earpieces, 2 separate earpieces that can be used together or one at a time, they can be recharged in a small box that connects to a lighting connector. They look just like the old earbuds but wireless, I have seen other online that look better than this ones but hey I’m sure people will buy them because they are Apple.

And for last the apps, Apple surprised us by showing a new update of Pokémon Go that will work with the Watch, but most of all the main surprise was Nintendo announcing their first Mario game ever to be available to cellphones, to be more exact to iOS. Super Mario Run, is a Mario game where you have to make Mario jump, he is moving forward automatically and your goal is to make it to the end of the world, like any other Mario game, but all you do is tap the screen to make him jump. The game does look pretty cool, it used the Mario from newer game which makes it look more like a console game. There is more to it but if I keep typing I may never end, check out their full video here enjoy!


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