New Pokemon Sun/Moon video is out!


A new Pokémon Sun/Moon video was just released showing new cool things and new Pokémon. The video below shows of course Raticate Alola form, which was to be expected after seeing Alola Rattatta, but this Raticate looks pretty funny with its puffy cheeks. Then we see 2 new Pokémon a Type: Null that looks like a mix of several Pokémon, at least that is what it looked like to me, this Pokémon is normal type. Then we see Jangmo-o, a Dragon type Pokémon. As we know for some time Pokémon games follow the clock inside our system, well now Pokémon Sun will stay the same with our normal clock and Pokémon Moon will be 12 hours ahead, meaning different events and different types of Pokémon to see at different times, also meaning the later you play at night the earlier it will be on the game.

They also talked about The Aether Foundation, which seems to be a group that cares about Pokémon, but I think we can find out about them more in the game. The other addition to the game is the kind of Pokémon-Snap feature that allows you to take pictures from different Pokémon in specific locations; you will also be able to get likes for your pictures that you take. A mini game was revealed on which you have to participate collecting Zygarde’s cells and core to eventually make a whole form. And lastly, the new “Pokémon” or so called Ultra Beast, they showed one called UB-01, not sure what this “beasts” are, no other information was released we will have to wait for another video for that.


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