For the past month or so I have been catching up with The Flash, I really didn’t want to watch it, I was more into Agents of Shield, in the Marvel Universe along with Dare Devil, Jessica Jones and so on that watching Flash was not my priority, not even when I had friends telling me it was worth it and really cool, so after so much hesitation I watched it and not that I am hooked but the show was better than I thought so now I’m waiting for season 3 to start, in the mean time I have 4 episodes left to watch but I had to say what I think about it, I already said I liked it but there are other things that bother me from the show.[Spoiler ahead]

I know I’m not the only one that has not watched it fully, so for those that have not seen it and would to watch it, I will discuss some parts of the show that will be spoilers. First season was good, it showed us how The Flash was created and why, and how his nemesis Reverse-Flash was how so trusted Dr Wells. We saw him start fighting meta-humans, those created after the explosion just like he was created and that is what gave the flash season 1 the action. We learned who Reverse-Flash was, how he was created and why so adamant to killing Flash.

Then Season 2 came on, and since the episode where Flash vs Arrow, I started to doubt Flash judgement, he seems to make decisions without thinking, even after Oliver told him to have a plan and be ready, Barry seems to not care much thinking he can do it all just because he can run fast. That is what made season 2 a bit more annoying to watch, because due to his maybe cockiness, it always got him in trouble, not listening to his friends and to the new Dr Wells, always acting like a kid and doing what he wanted is what made him get in trouble.

One other thing that annoyed me and still annoying me from season 2 is speedsters, it seems like every other episode there is a new speedster, first it was just Flash, then Reverse-Flash, then Zoom, then the Flash from earth-2, then Trajectory, and back to Zoom again. I have to be honest I am not familiar with DC Universe so I’m not sure if earth-2 and all these speedsters were just fillings to make the show longer or what, but it started to get annoying, again this is only my opinion, my wife seems to love it just fine. Then it seems like every person Barry trust like Wells and Jay Garrick always betray him, is like on the 3rd season we can look up for his new mentor and know he will be the main enemy.

With October 4th around the corner and The Flash Season 3 coming on that day, we have much to see, lots of things that will make new movies make sense, even though the same Flash from the TV show won’t be on the movie, but I hope DC does it as good as Marvel has done it to explain each universe to best and fullest. If you like to catch up to it, check CW site, Hulu and Netflix.


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