No Mario’s Sky fan-made!

Monday I believe a fan-made game was released titled “No Mario’s Sky” as a parody for No Man’s Sky, and well the game is nice. The game was developed in 72 hours, so for the time it took to get developed the game is awesome, but it could be better that’s is why I said the game was nice, I know kind of confusing. The game is basically Mario walking in a 2D circular world where all you do is walk and jumo on goombas, you fly to other “planets” that are basically other Mario worlds with different goombas, some jumping, others just walking with no eye and others just with a mean looking face. I was able to play for about 30 minutes, the graphics are nice, the jumping system could be better, I found myself jumping either too far or not far enough, and not so wasy to change control configuration, having to press the normal direction w,a,s,d and x for jumping because space bar did not work as noted in the game. The game has classic Mario music but after like 5 minutes of playing the music stopped, you can jump and break gold question mark boxed but no brick ones. Overall the game is well made for a 72 hours work, only if Nintendo would allow fan-made games to be made more often, I’m sure we could get better games than what Nintendo has done, at least in 2D. Check the video below from YouTuber Erik Kain


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