New Alola forms and new Z Moves.

A new Pokémon Sun/Moon video has been released showing yet another variant form from an original Pokémon, this time is rattatta’s turn. Rattatta is a normal Pokémon that will now be Dark/Normal, with ability Gluttony/Hustle, it looks pretty weird, at least I think so, looks more like a rat with leaves coming out of his body. Another thing shown on the video is Z moves from Alola Raichu and Snorlax, Raichu’s move does look pretty cool, so far even though it looks more like a fairy, is the only one I’m starting to like. If you purchase early the game, you will get Munchlax which after evolving into Snorlax and let him hold the Snorlium Z will have his own cool power “Pulverizing Pancake” which is basically him jumping on top of his opponent. I was actually watching a YouTube video last night were they talked about new possible Alola forms, and well some of them looked pretty cool, but we have to wait and see.


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