New Pokemon Go leaked data, “buddy” system?


So today I stumbled upon this article from Polygon, that talks about a possible coming update to Pokémon Go adding the ability to have a ”buddy”. Two people elfinlazz and AeonLucid found in game code that talks about a “medium”, “big”, and “shoulder” bound Pokémon. With that said it makes it seem that we will be able to carry a Pokémon with us, the article mentions it could be similar to the way we carry eggs when we walk even though we really don’t carry them, all we do is select which eggs we want to hatch and start walking.

What I thought about when I saw this was, what if we can walk along a Pokémon like we did on the Pokewalker from HeartGold? The description big, medium and shoulder can represent how the Pokémon will be displaying on our avatar screen. But if there is no walking option and is more of a cosmetic update, then I think it could be pretty dumb. The way Pokémon Go is losing players I think Niantics need to step it up and do something different soon.



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