New Dragon Ball Super Review!


Last time I posted about Dragon Ball Super was about 5 months ago, and it has taken me this long to write about the next section. Latest episode reviewed was episode 35 where Vegeta was fighting the metal enemy in Champa’s Tournament.  Well the tournament ended, Goku was able to fight again due to the cheating competitor from the 6th universe which helped Beerus team to win. After the tournament things turned better, a new “god” showed up, The King of All, who is supposed to be as the name implies, the King of everything, there is no one above him anymore. He came and saw how the tournament went that he liked to have one but with multiple universes involved.

When they left, Beerus called the dragon to grant his wish, this dragon was huge, and gold. The wish that was granted was to bring back planet earth from Champa’s Universe. When they all go back home everyone started they own training to get ready for the tournament. As a celebration to winning the tournament Bulma wants to throw a party for all, and Goku wants to fight Monaka, and since Monaka was not powerful at all it was just a simple delivery alien that Beerus used to encourage Goku to power up more, well they tried to hide him and not invite him, which backfired, making Beerus use a disguise to pretend to be Monaka and fight Goku.

For about 5-6 episodes the shows slows down a bit, we see them living their normal life, every now and then showing them training, or spending time in family. Goku ended up getting sick for using too much of his Kaio Ken while under God mode, the disorder is called Onset Ki Disorder which throws Goku’s sense out of balance. Then we see Goku being a grandfather and introduce the Pilaf gang back into the series which it has a purpose, but I will talk about that later. Next episodes are about Goku finally fighting Vegeta in an all for all and the future of earth is back on their hands, but that will be in a different post.


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