New data on Pokemon Go!

Pokémon Go has been in decline for some time now, the game when it started was really cool, it kind of still is but is not living to the gamers expectation, there is so much that still needs to be done to improve the game which is what is keeping people away from it. Me personally I have not played the game in some time, still the abundance of Rattatta, Pidgey and other normal Pokémon make the game annoying to play. Since the latest update on where you now have your team leader advise you on how good your Pokémon is, I have seen people talk about more “rare” Pokémon appear in the wild, and I have noticed it as well, recently this past weekend I found 3 Golducks in a timespan of about 30 min and a radius of about 2 miles, and they weren’t lower CP Pokémon.

But the game still not what we have expected, people stop playing it, due to tracking issues, and Pokémon availability, which as mentioned, that seems to have changed a bit. From recent data mining of the game, there has been information released that talk about catching Legendary Pokémon and the ability to use different kind of incense allowing you to encounter specific types of Pokémon, which I think will be great to have. Now what about trading, there is still no signs and no information out about when this may be possible, I think this needs to come soon since is part of the main core game. There are lots of things we would like to see changed in the game but for the mean time we have to deal with what we have and hope Niantics listens to us players and make the game what it was supposed to be from the beginning.



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