Japan 2020!


Rio Olympics 2016 ended and now Japan 2020 is coming, well in 4 years but is coming. Did you like the introduction of “Mario” to the Olympics? I saw it and thought it was a bit cheese but hey I still liked it. SO now that this was done, what can we expect from Japan 2020? I read a few articles and it has been said that those Olympics will be the geekiest Olympics, and the reason why is because I think Japan knows how they will bring people to the Olympics or at least to visit the country. There are many gamers that if they are not interested in Olympics I know this coming one will be something different. Let’s see what Japan 2020 can bring for gamers, I know it was said they wanted to add gaming to the Olympics but tin my opinion is not a good idea. In the meantime let’s start saving so we can attend Japan 2020 Olympics!


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