New Alola Forms: Dragonite?


Over the past week we have seen new Alola form from previous Pokémon, from Vulpix, Sandshrew, Ninetales and recently Marowak and Raichu. Raichu it was one of the forms that I kind of guess it was going to happen, actually I thought it was going to be a ground Pikachu or something in that matter but well when I saw raichu it looked like a fairy type. Even more recently there has been speculations that the newer forms for existing Pokémon are going to be Dragonite and Zubat, and to be honest I’m not liking where this is going. Every week or so they show us new form and only a few original new Pokémon, meaning that if they were to add new 150 Pokémon some of them will be old Pokemon with new forms. What are your thoughts on “re-making” with new forms older Pokémon? Is it a good idea? Check the video below from YouTuber aDrive



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