Pokemon Go another Update!


Yesterday Niantics released a new update for Pokémon Go, for Android 0.33.0 and for iOS 1.3 which has new enhancements for some and new visuals for all of us. First thing they added a new dialog for people that are in a car, you have to confirm you are not the one driving in order to let you keep playing, I can see this getting bypassed very easily by careless drivers. The bug that prevented the NI, Great and Excellent throw has been fixed and we can now be awarded the right XP per catch. A one-time change of the Pokémon Trainer can now be done, just be really careful since you can only change your username one time.

For iOS they re-enabled the battery save mode which had been disabled previously, this allows people to walk with their phone on a pocket or holding on the hand facing down which turns the screen dark to save battery. Now the main change which we were expecting, the “near-by” has been removed (for some), now we have “sightings” which now removes duplicates if we have 4 rattatta in a near-by area you will only see one displaying and now there is grass images behind the Pokémon. One thing I noticed is that now smaller Pokémon are shown as an actual small image in the “sightings” not sure if this is good or bad. There is another feature that has been added for few people which is the “near-by”, yes it hasn’t been fully removed for some, for the rest of us you won’t see this. The way it works is, it will now display the Pokémon in the “near-by” Pokestop, so for instances, if a Pikachu is at a McDonalds Pokestop, you will now see above the “sightings” a “near-by” Pokémon with the image of the Pokémon available there.

Have you played with the new update? Do you think Niantics has fixed the Poke-Radar to work like old websites such as pokevision? I can see Niantics is doing what they said they would, they listened to their fans and are trying to do their best to make the future updates what we want. I haven’t personally tested the new radar feature but I think it will work for many of us that are searching for an exact Pokémon.



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