The Division Underground PS4


Finally after almost a month of waiting, PS4 players have been able to play the new Division expansion Underground. This new DLC added not just underground but a new incursion “Dragon Nest” which was pretty rough, at least it was for me. The new Underground has brought new gear sets, new weapons and a variety of new missions. What I have liked from Underground is how missions change every time you start a new “operation”, so far since I started playing I have not re-played the same mission, is like a mix and match sections of the Underground, not sure how many pieces there are but is interesting playing those missions.

Another thing added to the Underground is the things we can get, kind of like extra pieces to make the game a bit harder. One of them is Fog of War which removes the map and the only way to see the enemies if by aiming at them, otherwise you can’t even see their red marker, this makes it harder on missions where you have a time limit, pulse still helps you find the enemies but after a short time the marker on them disappears.  Mad Skills is one that will make you save your skills, because one you use one, it will put the second one on cool down, so let’s say you are low on health and you use you healing skills, and you also have pulse, if you use one the other joins the cool down time.  Waste Not Want Not is crazy, I am a player that shoots half a clip and reloads at my own pace, well if you reload with this directive on, and you have a clip with let’s say 500 rounds and you shoot 300 bullets and then reload, well those 200 are lost and you start with a new clip, oh and the start of the mission gives you less rounds to start off. The last 2 I have not used Special Forces which allow NPC to use fire and explosive rounds and Sickness which you start losing health while playing no matter what.

The game has become better for me, new missions, new weapons, new gear, just a new adventure, there are few things I wish could be added, like a crafting station and a rolling station (I don’t think is called that way) to be able to roll traits or talents from any item in the Underground without going up to the terminal and wait that long load time. Besides all that the game has been good, besides still waiting for this month’s Supply Drop. So what are your thoughts on the new update?


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