Pokemon Go New Update!


Pokemon Go

Over the weekend we saw another Pokémon Go update, for Android 0.31.0 and for iOS 1.1.0, which brought some new enhancements but also took some things away.  First off let’s talk about what it was enhanced or added. You may now re-customize your character from the profile screen, this is an ok update since some people changed wanted to change the color of their avatar to match their team selected at level 5. Among other things done to the up was adjusting Pokémon damage on certain Pokémon, improved memory issues, the Pokémon detail screen was updated as well, so the CP power is larger while the actual “CP” is made smaller.

Now as far as what it was removed, the ability to track Pokémon is basically gone, and this has made a lot of players mad. They removed the footprints from under the Pokémon which at launch the number of footprints decreased from 3 to 1 as you got closer to that Pokémon you were looking for. When the first update/patch was done the footprint stayed at 3 so we knew something was wrong, but even after that “glitch” we were able to still click the Pokémon you wanted and track it down, now with the new update that is impossible. You cannot click on any Pokémon to track and we are not sure now how many meters/feet are all the nearby Pokémon.

The removal of tracking upset many players because without tracking in the app, it will be impossible to find where the Pokémon you want. But that wasn’t it, Niantics asked the makers or pokevision.com to be taken down, Pokevision was one of several pages that will let you know the spawn point of Pokémon, and with this gone, and no good tracking system in the app, it will be much harder to track what you need. One of the things I expected was to have the trade option, I know is early for that to become available but it was something I hoped for.

Some of the things that can be done better in the next update is to fix the tracking system, make it more reliable, I don’t know if the foot print was a good system but it worked while it was out. Maybe make it more like the tracking system in the game, you select which Pokémon you want and the map near your area will highlight and then is up to you to find it, just keep the area size consistent. Pokémon animation can improve, I have seen some Pokémon that look really rough in the edges and some really clean, is like they took the animation from a 3Ds and enlarged it. For me, it will be best if the map had legends, like possibly street names, just so we know where we are, it will be good to have a point of reference for people that visit new cities and are not familiar with the area.

I do hope the game turns out much better, the game is about to be a month old, and so much can be done to make it much better. There is still trading to be done, possibly battling friends or near-by foes, the obvious better tracking, maybe breeding? I know many things we seen in the game won’t be on the app, but is always good to hope. In my opinion the way they showed in the video from 2014 on how to fish, was a better option, but what do I know, I’m just a fan. With that said, I will be waiting for the next major update and hope we get what we been waiting for.


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