iPhone 7 Rumors

Lately there have been leaked images and rumors about the new iPhone 7, some images look very real, and by that I mean not Photoshop. Some of the images show a raised camera which would mean better camera? I have tested the iPhone 6S camera and when recording at low light is not as good as a Note 5. Other rumors I heard is a newer mod which is unlikely but at the same time it may be very well real; I’m talking about an iPhone 7S Pro, the only difference would be the larger camera which will be good to compete with Samsung devices.

The new iPhone 7 is also said to have a water detector in the charging port, which will come in handy for those that tend to wash their hands and go to their phone without drying them. It is said it will have dual speaker removing the headset jack, on that rumor I’m not so sure to believe, we have heard rumors about iPhone losing the 3.5mm headset jack and many people have opposed to that change, if it happens it will happen and nothing that we do will change that. One rumor iI do hope is true, is getting rid of the 16GB and just start with the base 32GB but still keep it cheap similar to the 16GB. All the images leaked could be fake or real, who know, but as September creeps closer by the day, more and more rumors will surface and we may find out very soon what the new iPhone 7 will really look like.



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