Pokemon Fan Made game better than Pokemon Go?


Pokémon Go has been out for 2 weeks, and in those two weeks we have seen much frustration due to server problems, and the fact that almost all the Pokémon out there are Pidgey or Rattatta, which gets annoying after sometime. I was reading something online about Niantics releasing updates every 2 weeks, making this week the first 2 weeks. Even though there has been 2 patches for the Android version, as of now Pokémon Go is on version 0.29.3 which according to the change log it just states “minor text fixes”, let’s hope they add trading and more real battles really soon.

As we know and as mentioned above, the lack of features that are core part of the Pokémon game, makes Pokémon Go distant from its roots, yes it is a great game, we have been waiting for a game like this, but with trading and multiplayer battle, it could make this game the best Pokemon game ever. It was said that they don’t do the whole battle because it will take about 6 minutes or longer to have an actual fight, which may be bad if someone starts a fight with Pokémon in the middle of the street, and we all know it can happen, just read the news about how many people blame Pokémon Go for their accidents.

I drifted off the main subject, since there are some cool features not present on the game a team of developers took the time to create a demo game that shows battle between Pokémon and to be honest it looks awesome, much better than Pokémon Go. The video below shows Pokémon in a mat using augmented reality to place our fighting Pokémon in the “field” and battle. You can click on the screen to have the Pokémon move and on the right side the 4 moves that we are accustomed on seeing from handheld games.  Watch the video and if they were to add this kind of fights on the Pokémon Go game, I think it would make it much better than it already is. We Pokémon trainers need to train our skills against other trainers. If they were to add this and don’t want to worry about people standing in the middle of the street, then they should make sure battles only take place in gyms or training spots, but who knows, the game is only 2 weeks old in full production, maybe there are more updates to come and better perks.



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