Battlefront New Modes and Updates


Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront was a game many of us were expecting, many of us had thought of the game to be the best, but once the game was released on Beta and when we find out there was not going to be an offline mode and all online, some of us didn’t like it and I’m sure some people didn’t get the game for that reason. The game itself is great, it has great graphics, the battle is really good, and the feeling to be inside a battle in Star Wars makes it much better.

Well for those wanting to have an offline mode, guess what? Your wishes have come true, a new mode Skirmish and an offline mode for Walker Assault and Fighter Squadron is now out. Skirmish mode gives you the option to fight along with a friend against the AI, that’s right no need to be connected on an online fight you can do that alone or with a friend now. This feature was added to Squadron and Walker Assault, and I think it’s a great addition. Some people (like me) are not that good at playing this kind of games and having the change to play against the AI helps you memorize maps, plan ahead and once you get a hang of the maps then you can jump into online battle.  Besides this new mode there are more updates to the game, for the whole change log click here.



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