Pokemon Go Sponsored Locations?


Pokémon Go Sponsored locations is a new topic that has been talked about on the internet, for those playing Ingress they already know what this is, and those who haven’t may have an idea, so let’s clarify that for the rest of us that don’t know. A sponsored location is any business that will need to pay Niantics to make their business a Pokestop, Gym, or a special location that only spawns rare Pokémon. This will benefit both the business and Niantics, the business will get more people to their location and possibly consume their goods, and well Niantics collects the cash and use it towards the game and make it better. But will it work that way? As we have seen Pokémon may spawn in random locations, how will this work? Will it spawn Pokémon only at an specific coordinate or can people be outside the business and still get them without actually going inside? What are your thoughts on this?


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