Battlefield TV Show?

We have talked about movies based on video games but what about TV shows based on video games? Yes there have been some, well more than a few, Battletoads, Legend of Zelda, Mario Bros, Pac-Man, Sonic, well you get my point. More recently there were rumors on having a GTA TV show, but due to some issues it will not be happening. One other rumor out in the internet is a possible TV Show for Battlefield, not sure if it will be based on the new Battlefield 1 or previous Battlefield games, but I think this could be a good show.

The difference between Battlefield and other TV shows based on games is that Battlefield does not have an actual plot, is not about going and rescuing the princes and the do it all over again day by day. Battlefield is war, missions, a TV show does not have to base only on one thing, it could be based on different days in the battlefield, different locations and different soldiers. It will make sense to have this as a TV show, I love war movies, makes me appreciate the freedom we have thanks to our troops. An article I read mentioned that Paramount will be working with EA to make this happen. What do you think? Is it worth it? I think it can be successful if done right.



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