Pokemon Go My Impression so far!


Finally after a horrible weekend I have been able to play Pokémon Go much better. Since launch day on Wednesday night I started playing it with my Pokémon Trainer account, only to have it kick me off after 3 hours of use. I kept trying and trying to login with no success, so I decided to Google information on why it was not working. Of course I found the awesome news that the servers were down due to a huge spike of players either downloading, creating accounts or login in at the same time. The wait was just killing me, so I ended making an account with my gmail since people said those servers were working better, and it did, I was able to login and play the game. Of course the game only works for some time since the servers were still having issues, it kept kicking me out, but at least I was able to play for some time.

The weekend passed and I was doing really well with my Google account, but as soon as my Pokémon Trainer Account started working, I logged of Google and started using my Pokémon one. I have read online that there may be perks if we use a Pokémon Trainer Account but who knows. So what I have seen around my home and by my job is nothing by Rattatta and Pidgey, which is not bad because the more I get I can level them up and get the XP for catching them and more for evolving them, with about 16 Pokémon in my team I’m already level 7, maybe still low but I feel I have level up fast. I still don’t know how to follow the Pokémon footprints, I have read each footprint means 100 meters, but I’m not sure on that. What I have seen and I think is right, the higher the lever you character the better Pokémon you get to see.

The game just came out for Japan, Australia, New Zealand and U.S past week, and with it just being released is too early to say what it will do. We know for sure it raised Nintendo’s stock, and it crashed or at least overloaded Niantic’s servers to the point of unplayable for many people. The game does need an update, there are some bugs, and other things to fix, with it been on version 0.29, it makes me feel we are still playing a beta since is not even 1.0. We will have to see how this will work out, in the mean I’m having fun catching Pokémon, just can’t wait for the Trade function!


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