The Division Update 1.3 PS4

Yesterday update 1.3 for The Division went live for PS4 and with it new Gear Set , change on DPS on some weapons, the addition of Terminal for easy access when Underground goes live and 3 new outfits for free based on Ghost Recon Wildland, Splinter Cell and Rainbow 6, among other updates. I was able to do some gaming last night with the new update and at first glance the game does not seem that different, of course it was not a cosmetic change, or so I thought, the gear menu has changed; now the weapon and gear mods are combines right under the weapons slots.

Along with the addition of Terminal and getting the game ready for the Underground launch for PS4, they have added new weapons, which I was lucky enough to get one of them yesterday the G36 Assault Rifle and a Surplus SVD Marksman Rifle. Gear has been raised from 240 up to 263, a new Incursion Dragon’s Nest was added but will be playable with a coming soon DLC. The DZ is now more challenging, the NPC’s are tougher then before which is good in a way, makes us work for our loot, but at times it becomes frustrating dying by a group of 4 NPC’s.  The DZ as mentioned has become harder, by zones DZ 1-2 NPC levels are now 33, DZ 3-4 Level 34 and DZ 5-6 Level 35, the last one allows players to get gears score from 229 to 268.

Now to the good stuff, at least good for me, the rolling of talents in weapons! This can be done by spending weapon kits and phoenix credits. That part can be a bit annoying for new players or players that recently got to Level 30 and have not spent much time outside in the DZ, but then again there are the HVT Daily Missions that give us about 5-25 Phoenix Credits. Now the Weapons kits can be picked from drops or crafted if you have the blueprints. So talents, is a good way to keep powerful weapons with lame talents, if you have a weapon with 2 great talents then you can roll the 3rd talent to get a much better one and have an awesome weapon. Let’s say you have a Vector with Brutal, but you have a chance to roll for Deadly would you do it? Of course now is a great way to keep weapons and not sell them, of course if all 3 are bad talents then you can sell it and get more money back for blueprints and possibly craft a much better weapon. For all details on the 1.3 update check here.


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