Dan Brown: Inferno


Are you familiar with Angels & Demons? The Da Vinci Code? Deception Point? I’m sure one of those titles rang a bell, yes those are books from Dan Brown, well at least those are 3 of his books. Dan Brown likes to write mysterious books, related to symbols and puzzles in a way. Two of his major selling books became movies, The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons, the later was way better in book than movie, The Da Vinci code was ok on both at least I liked the book and the movie. The most recent novel that I enjoyed and had been waiting for was Inferno, the 4th novel having Robert Langdon as the main protagonist.

Well I wasn’t aware of this until this weekend, I stumbled into the trailer by accident, it seems the trailer had been out since May, how come I never seen this? I had been keeping up with news on this movie but I guess I didn’t pay too much attention. Not sure why they skipped Lost Symbol, is the only book based in U.S, maybe because of that is not a movie just yet, or maybe in the book chronology Inferno is first? The point here is that the movie will be out in October 2016, and it will be awesome.

If you are not familiar with this book/movie I think you have more than enough time to go get the book, I like the plot, I won’t spoil much but is about a “virus” that will spread all over the world to kill people and doing so reduce earth’s population. As you know all Robert Langdon adventures have to do with symbols and stuff, well this movie as the title says it will be related to the old comedy Dantes Inferno.This book is worth getting it, it offers a great time reading and at least for me an eye opener, so dont wait too long, dont let a movie ruin a great book, go get it and have fun reading.


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