Dolphin 5.0

These days as computers get better and more and better technology is created more and more emulators spawn as well. We have seen android emulators to play GBA, GBC and other older generation devices. But are you familiar with the Dolphin Emulator? The emulator is for Game Cube and Wii, which has been out for quite some time, I remember playing with 3.0X versions but at that time with the computer I had it was a bit of a pain to have a good game play. As of a few months ago, possibly a year or so, I upgraded to version 4.0X, which was much better than previous versions, it allowed me to play Wind Waker with an HD Mod to look as good if not better than the Wii U version.

More recently Dolphin announced their major update to version 5.0. This new version has lots pf improvements, better graphic processing, less to zero lag on games, and in some situations way better performance than a game cube. The emulator is ready to use, I personally have not tested the new version but I will do so and review it. The requirements for Dolphin 5.0 are not that bad, intel i5 or i7 processors, graphics cards NVIDIA GTX460 will be more than enough and 2GB of RAM, which is not bad. For all full specs  and installation or FAQ click here. This emulator is worth trying, remember is illegal to download ROMs from games, if you have your own copy you can always rip it to your PC and use it to play, always support the developers by purchasing the original copy.



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