RE: Umbrella Corps

So I have been watching and reading about the new Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps, and well from what I have seen it really is not that great of a game. First of this game is a 3v3 spin-off from the main series, that involves PVP not PVE. The only PVE that I have seen is a sort of mode where you have to turn on some antennas and send some data to I guess Umbrella? But this seems repetitive because the whole time you are in the Pueblo (if that is what is called) which is the town square from Resident Evil 4. To be honest the game play I have seen is kind of boring, I have not seen more than 3 different maps, unless the game is way too new and they are taking longer to unlock all the maps.

On the 3v3 game mode, well is basically as I said it, 3 players vs 3 players in a rather small map, to see who wins more rounds. The first Map I saw was the RE4 town square, the second is the RE5 main map, I guess their small wood city and the 3rd map is an Umbrella Lab. While trying to kill other players you get to kill NPC like zombies, dogs, crows and Ganado. These can be kind of annoying, when trying to kill the enemies and getting killed by the PC. Not sure what else to say about this game, I think Capcom tried to get more players, mainly those playing CoD, but RE has not been about PVP, it has always been about PVE or PVZ (player vs zombies). I hope REVII does go back to the main focus of horror, we have seen the demo and trailer which seems very promising, but for this Umbrella Corps game, all I can say is that it was a mistake; I know there are people playing it but for me is no go.



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