E3 Recap


E3 came and left us with some really cool games to expect for, new game updates, what to expect from the gaming industry and some other stuff. There were too many games and news to keep up for me alone, I did what I could but I touched base with the most important games, or the ones I liked the most, even though I missed a few of them. A few games that stand out the most were of course Pokémon Go and the main one The Legend of Zelda, which was one of the main games people wanted to see and play this E3 2016. What many people really wanted to see was the new NX and news of the PS4 Neo, but neither was announced.Breath

The games I enjoyed seeing where of course Legend of Zelda, God of War, Resident Evil VII, Pokémon Go, and FIFA 17. There were more games but those are the ones that caught my eye since those are the ones I play the most. Let’s not forget Project Scorpio which is said to be the next real gaming experience on a console, Xbox One custom controllers, and VR consoles with their own games. What stand out the most as mentioned was Nintendo Legend of Zelda and the unexpected release date for Pokémon Go, which I think was not meant to be said but well it happens.

There were games I missed to talk, one of them was Days Gone, another zombie game, not sure what kind of game is this, the short gameplay did not give us much to go from, just a character escaping a huge horde of zombies that can run freaking fast. The game may turn to be really cool; I love zombie games so this is one I will keep an eye on. Ever Oasis(trailer Gameplay) an RPG game from Nintendo, similar to Zelda game but in a sand world. You get to solve puzzles, fight bosses in order to keep your oasis, allowing you to pick between a male or female character. Horizon Zero Dawn, another game that has been pushed back once again, but a worth buying game. Tekken 7 could be cool, I haven’t played any Tekken game since I just to play them on arcades in Mexico, but this new one will feature Akuma from Street Fighters. Lego Dimensions having new and awesome characters coming soon as well, I will try to write more on this one later.

I know I forgot to mention some other games, maybe one that you liked, but as I mentioned there were too many games to keep up with, I did my best and I think I did good. What were your favorite games? Was anything above your expectations or did you not like what you saw? I know there were games we expected and thought they were going to talk about like a possibly new Red Dead redemption which had been on the news prior to E3, but maybe it will be something they will talk in the future. I hope Sony and Nintendo talk more about their new consoles soon that is something to look for. For a list of other games I missed click here.


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