Pokemon Go Releases in July 2016!


After months and months of beta play around the world, and for us fans wanting and hoping to get some news on the release of Pokemon Go. Well yesterday at the E3 2016, we heard some really awesome news, Pokemon Go will be releasing next month, maybe end of July. Not sure if it was intended to be said but it slipped out and now we now. During the E3 Pokemon Go section, it was said there will be more Pokemon from different generations as time goes by, for now we will have to play with 1st generation Pokemon, which is not that bad. One change I noticed is that you no longer collect shards or pieces of crystal to help you evolve Pokemon, now you collect candies, I wish there was a better way to evolve them just like the original game but I can deal with that.

They talked about the Pokemon Go Plus, which is a small device looking like a pokeball in the shape of a map indicator, with a light on it, this works for the times you don’t want to use your phone to capture Pokemon. You can go to any place, and once there is a Pokemon near you the device will vibrate, it will attempt to capture the Pokemon without you interacting with the phone, if the lights starts blinking rainbow colors then you caught the Pokemon, but ig it blinks red then you failed. I have not seen the game in person so I can’t say what the graphics look like but what I have seen I don’t like much, I wish it would look exactly like the April’s fool video it was shown 3 years ago, but maybe we need better devices for that. All I know is that I will be waiting patiently for July to get my hands on Pokemon Go.


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