My thoughts on RE VII Demo


So last night I was able to finally dedicate some time to play the new Resident Evil VII Demo and well to be honest I wasn’t that surprised. The demo started off with some video recording in a house which looks like the people were being tortured, right then I knew it was not an RE game, but gave it a few more minutes, maybe just maybe the game play would change, since this is the intro it may be getting me ready for zombies. I continued playing just a normal game; it was a bit creepy I can say that, you are inside a house and you must escape, the house inside is abandoned dirty, with some signs of dead animals and people, blood and noises that will scare you in occasions.

I won’t say much for those that haven’t played it, but the was not what I expected from a Resident Evil game, I know is only a demo but I was expecting a bit more. The demo is really short, well is as short as you want to make it, you can spend 30 minutes exploring but there is not much to see, I did see someone online solving the puzzle, but I wasn’t able to do so, I may need to spend more time playing it. Overall the graphics were ok, I’m sure since this is a demo and was only about 3GB large then it wasn’t going to pack a lot of good things in it. But the actual gameplay felt more of a mix of Resident Evil 4 and Texas Chainsaw Massacre; you will see what I’m talking about when you play it. For those that already played it, what do you think?


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