New Project Scorpio from Microsoft!

Many of you may have read articles on which they compare PS4 and Xbox One, people liking more the PS4 due to better graphics and more power, I think in number the PS4 is better but as actual gameplay I leave that to personal opinions. I have played both systems and there are pros and cons on both systems, but as far as graphics I like Xbox One on some games only. We heard how PS4 was working on a PS4 Neo, and Xbox One on a newer and slimmer console with more power. On the E3 Microsoft conference we saw how Xbox is making the Xbox One S, which has 4K video playing not gaming, 40% smaller and up to 2TB storage, the size itself will be great compared to the huge size it has now.

Well that was not the only news they had, they showed us they are working on a new console for next year, a so called Project Scorpio. This new console is said to be much better than the new PS4 and PS4 Neo, it will have 8CPU cores, 4K gaming running at 60Hz, 320GB/s of memory bandwidth and 6 teraflops for computing! The project looks ambitious, but it could be worth it, having a console that can compete with desktops will be great, having similar or better graphics on a console is something many gamer have been wanting, is not going to replace my PC but it will be worth having. Since now we know a few of the specs of the new system, I wonder how much will that cost? Good thing is that all existing games from Xbox One and accessories will work with Project Scorpio.  We will have to stay tuned for more news from Microsoft and see what else they have to say about Project Scorpio.



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