The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Nintendo showed us today what to expect from one of my favorite games of all time, The Legend of Zelda for WII U which now has a title, or subtitle, “Breath of the Wild”. The game play shown is a large section of the map which actually is a small portion of the total game. My first impression of the game was a mix feeling of nostalgia due to having mixed elements from Wind Waker and Twilight Princess, the enemies that we see in the game are basically grown enemies from Wind Waker, those red goblin/pigs enemies are back. The graphics looks more like Wind Waker, kind of like a cartoonish style but at the same time kind of like Twilight Princess, that mature feel and the nice graphics.

The game is similar to survival game because all items you collect they will come on handy later on the game. You can collect clothing which will help you later on when going to colder and warmer sections of the map. Speaking of colder weather, you can “snowboard” with your shield when on snowy mountains. Like any Zelda game, many enemies and items are recycled,  as mentioned we can see the red goblins, chuchus, bats, skeletons and other stuff. The game has day and night cycles like Majora’s Mask, not sure if the day cycle will work or be noticeable in the dungeons or if it will affect the way the dungeon is played.

One thing I noticed from the game is that the items are degradable over time it’s used, meaning items will break eventually, so use them cautiously. Puzzles will be found outside not just inside a “dungeon” allowing you to unlock chest with good stuff inside. Enemies have health bar and shows you what level they are on so you can see if the sword, stick or club you collected will do any damage to it, and now link has to eat food not just pick hearts to recuperate health.

Remember the Wolkf-Link Amiibo? Well i will be useful here on this new game, he will be help you attack enemies, the number of hearths he will have is the same that he had when you saved the information to the amiibo from Twilight Princess. Once he runs out of health he will disappear and you an load him back into the game once a real full day has passed. There is a lot more to it, new mechanics, Link can actually “jump” now, maps are bigger, and much more. If you missed the few videos from the E3 Nintendo Treehouse check this out.


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